Following a tough year blighted by the weather, Masterfoods is hoping to stir some interest in the ice cream market with two launches – White Maltesers ice cream stick, and Mars Midnight ice cream bar.

The White Maltesers ice cream stick is a variant of the Milk Chocolate Maltesers ice cream. It contains malted ice cream and mini Maltesers encased in white chocolate and is targeted at 25-44-year-old women. Available as a single stick (rrp £1.10) and as a three-stick multipack (rrp £2.59).

Meanwhile the Mars Midnight ice cream bar – dark chocolate with white vanilla ice cream and soft caramel – is described as a must-stock item for retailers. It is targeted at females aged 18-30 and available as a single bar (rrp 70p) and a four-bar multipack (rrp £2.59).

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