KP Snacks has announced that popcorn brand Butterkist will return to TV screens and billboards this autumn in a £2m campaign to drive sales during the final quarter of this year, a core period for Big Night In occasions.

The TV advert takes on a playful creative, featuring animated Butterkist popcorn kernels constructing their destiny to become Butterkist popcorn. Out of home advertising with the strapline “get things popping” will support throughout October and November.

Kevin McNair, marketing director at KP Snacks, said: “Popcorn occasions are all about fun and enjoyment. We know popcorn has the ability to be one of the most incremental segments of CSN as it is often an additional purchase.

“This campaign aims to position Butterkist at the top of consumers’ minds so they are reminded of this tasty snacking option and choose to purchase Butterkist as part of their shop, driving both the popcorn and overall CSN Category.”