Smint has launched an extra strong menthol power mint – Smint Xtrm with Menthol and Eucalyptus. The new sugar-free variant aims to provide invigorating freshness and an instant feeling of relief in the throat and nose, with the launch well-timed for the looming winter cold season.

Hannah Acres, Smint brand manager, said: “This launch has been designed to build on the success of this year’s hugely successful Smint Fresh To Impress media campaign. Our new Smint Xtrm is a must-stock for retailers; the extra-strong menthol flavour presents something completely new to the UK mints market, while tapping into the continued trend for sugar-free products.”

Perfetti van Melle has continued to drive momentum on the Smint brand, and claims Smint is growing at +7.5% MAT Mints.

With 73% of sugar free and reduced sugar sales incremental to the confectionery category , and the PVM sugar-free portfolio growing at +7.3%, the the company says the Smint brand is building on this success to increase the choice of products to ensure broadened audience appeal and boosted sales for retailers.