UBUK is continuing to cut saturated fat levels in its snack brands, including Hula Hoops, which are being supported by a £1.8m TV advertising campaign.

Hula Hoops and Hula Hoops Ridges now contain 55% less saturated fat and are made with 100% sunflower oil. The changes are communicated on the front of packs and in TV ads. A ’best-ever’ cheese & onion flavour has also been launched, which is said to have a more balanced taste.

Skips and Discos now have 50% less saturated fat, while McCoy’s, McCoy’s Specials and McCoy’s Specials Tortillas have 30% less.

Frisps and Roysters will also see a fat reduction of 50% from June.

Jon Eggleton, UBUK marketing director, says: "We’re committed to producing great-tasting snacks while also reducing saturated fat and sodium content so people can continue to enjoy them as part of a balanced diet."

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