This year KitKat has partnered with Virgin Holidays to offer 10 prizes of a luxury holiday (worth up to £8,000 each) to destinations such as Hawaii, Antigua, Cuba, the Maldives and Barbados for its ‘Make a break for it’ on-pack promotion.

There are also 100 sun-believable prizes to be won every day during the promotional period with new and improved prizes including branded water bottles, beach towels and luggage tags.

There will be no losers in the promotion, as those who haven’t won a prize will still receive 5% off at Virgin Holidays.

Stock of promotional packs is available now on formats including KitKat 4 Finger, KitKat Chunky and KitKat 2 Finger.

The promotion will benefit from a £5m media campaign launching this month that will include six-sheet posters, social, digital media and shopper activation. The social media is intended to create excitement around the promotion, as it challenges consumers to join the hunt to find the winning packs. Plus, there will be a specific ‘Make A Break for It’ tag featured on generic KitKat brand TV advertising across February.

The 10 holiday prizes are available to be won instantly by purchasing a promotional pack of KitKat and finding a Winning Bar and winning ticket inside. The special winning chocolate bar will feature the name of the dream holiday destination written on it.

The 100 sun-believable prizes can be won every day by entering online the unique promotional code found inside packs to discover instantly if they are a winner.