Mars Wrigley UK has announced a new creative direction for Maltesers – via a new campaign titled ‘Someone Gets It’ – which focuses on the importance of female friendship and the power of an inside joke in bringing friends back together, no matter how long they’ve been apart.

The campaign, which use a suite of online video and digital assets, will also be supported by a brand partnership with Bustle, the website and social media channel for young women. Maltesers hopes this will help it reach its target demographic of under 28s females.

Rebecca Salisbury, Maltesers brand director, said: “Some of Maltesers’ best performing advertising campaigns feature female friends laughing over a packet of Maltesers. We wanted to build on this further and highlight that friendship is critical to helping women overcome the highs and lows of life. Whether it’s university, motherhood, work or travel, friendship groups often drift apart in adulthood. Maltesers believes that laughter and positivity can be a powerful force for good and is seeking to champion those female friendships.”

The campaign will also be supported with a range of bespoke memes across the Bustle and Maltesers’ social channels, as well as interactive features and bespoke articles which will encourage viewers to honor those personal and sometimes silly in-jokes that will never get old.