Scentz car perfume

The Scentz car perfume range is now available exclusively from Newco.

The range includes mist sprays, rrp £5.99; diffusers rrp £5.49; scented cards, rrp £2.99; and beanbags, rrp £4.49. Profit margin across the range is over 40%.

Pos and stands for the new products are provided free of charge and Chris Nuttall, head of forecourts UK at Newco Europe UK Ltd, says they are open to discussing launch packages with all customers (old and new) who wish to try out this new range.

Fragrances include Tokyo Dreams, with notes of magnolia, cedarwood and sakura; London Flair, with exotic fruits and citrus; Rio Carnival with fruits, spices and mint; Dubai Nights, with sweet woody and vanilla notes; and Milan Spirit, a lime and herb infusion.

Nuttall said: “We are thrilled to introduce Scentz Car Perfume exclusively through Newco, providing forecourt traders with an exceptional opportunity to offer their customers a unique and luxurious driving experience. Their fragrances are carefully crafted to transport drivers to faraway destinations, making every journey a memorable one.”