German biscuit brand Bahlsen is launching a new national TV campaign.

The advertisement, centred around its Choco Leibniz biscuits, will run until 22 May, across channels including: ITV, Channel 4, Film4, ITV3 and Sky Living, as well as on demand.

The advertisement depicts the biscuits’ power of distraction through a murder mystery creative. Using the strapline ‘Choco Leibniz. It’s not just a biscuit. It’s a Bahlsen’, the TV campaign is intended to bring to life the fact that Bahlsen biscuits are a cut above the rest.

With an overall investment of £5m, including marketing spend, this new advert is set to reach the core Choco Leibniz audience of 36-64 year old ABC1 adults, hitting 38.3 million people in the UK at least once, 25 million of whom will see it at least three times.

A website has been built to support the advert, which mirrors the creative and engages consumers through a ‘who done it’ competition - tasking them to guess the culprit from the advert, with a chance to win a premium weekend away.

Julien Lacrampe, trade marketing manager at Bahlsen: commented: “We are thrilled to share Bahlsen’s most exciting above the line campaign to date - a national TV advert which celebrates that Bahlsen biscuits truly do stand out from the rest.

“Currently, Choco Leibniz is growing +13% in units year on year and we are selling on average one packet of Choco Leibniz every three seconds in the UK. We want as many people as possible to try and enjoy our delicious biscuits and this fantastic campaign is a significant step on this path.”

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