Both BP and Shell have taken a lead in improving consumer safety by stocking safer fuel cans as standard on their forecourts, according to safety device maker Fill & Stop.

It says burns caused by petrol fires and explosions are the number one cause of serious burns to adults in the UK.

The safer fuel cans have spouts fitted with Fill & Stop safety inserts. The inserts incorporate an integral flash arrestor to prevent fuel can explosions while a high flow air vent ensures smooth fast filling of the tank.

A shut-off system prevents overfilling of the tank saving fuel, reducing the risk of fire and explosion.

Commenting on the adoption of safer fuel cans, Fill & Stop director Richard George said: “It is great to see both BP and Shell taking the lead in improving consumer safety and trying to reduce the number of petrol fire burns.

“We work with burns charities and I have seen first-hand the terrible long term physical and psychological effect burns caused by petrol fires can have on victims, their families and friends.

“Anything that can be done to raise awareness and improve safety when using a petrol can has to be good. And please never use petrol to light a fire, it could kill or severely injure you.”

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