Following the success of its 2014/15 winter campaign, Dettol is launching a new £1.7m promotional campaign, which kicks off in November and will run throughout the winter until the end of February.

The new campaign will underline the message that Dettol is proven to kill the cold and flu virus so its antibacterial range can play an important role in protecting family homes against cold and flu bacteria over the winter.

Dettol is also introducing a new formula for the Dettol Surface Cleanser product which now provides even greater protection from cold & flu viruses. Focusing on the benefits of adopting healthy habits by disinfecting surfaces with Dettol’s antibacterial products, the campaign will highlight that the products are ideal for use on bacteria hotspots such as telephones, door handles and computer keyboards.

The campaign is designed to drive awareness of three simple steps to help protect against hardy cold and flu viruses that can live on surfaces for up to 7 days (2 days for flu).

1. Wash your hands regularly with antibacterial soap or hand wash to remove viruses

2. Spray surfaces that people often touch with their hands like door handles, taps and kitchen surfaces with an antibacterial spray to remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

3. Wipe away using a clean cloth, or antibacterial disposable wipe, to help prevent the spreading of bacteria or viruses which build up on kitchen cloths.

The campaign includes television advertising, digital activation, and practical information leaflets (that can be downloaded from, providing consumers with information and advice on ways to minimise the spread of cold and flu viruses, including tips to help keep their homes healthy.