Ferrero Rocher is back on TV with a new £3.5m campaign over Christmas and spring to support the brand across these seasonal occasions.

The campaign spans multiple channels including a new 30-second TV advert, which will hit the nation’s screens on 28th October and will run through to the end of December.

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero UK, comments: “Ferrero Rocher is an iconic chocolate and the new ad creative celebrates the intricate layers that make it so unique.”

With the tagline – ‘Make your moments golden’ – the ad opens with a woman who is distracted at a party by the sight of a Ferrero Rocher pyramid which, to her confusion, is missing a chocolate from the top, where just the chocolate paper case sits. You are then transported through the journey of the product’s unique layers, starting with a whole hazelnut floating down a river of chocolate.

A scene of a wafer landscape then appears as the hazelnut rolls through, collecting up its crispy wafer shell, before floating along the chocolate river where it is now raining hazelnut pieces. It then drops from the river and is covered with Ferrero Rocher’s trademark gold wrapping. The ad closes with the woman placing the Ferrero Rocher in her mouth and savouring the ’golden moment’.

Levi Boorer continues: “Bringing the intricate layers and irreplaceable taste of Ferrero Rocher to life forms the very foundation of our campaign this year. That’s why we’ll also be launching a brand new experience for consumers: Behind the Layers. This event will capitalise on last year’s experiential campaign, where consumers will be able to book tickets to go Behind the Layers and discover the passion for perfection that goes into making every mouthful a delight.”

The immersive sensorial tasting experience, inspired by the unique combination of flavours and textures in a Ferrero Rocher, will be popping up at the start of December in central London.

“Currently worth £66m, Ferrero Rocher continues to maintain a top position for brand equity among confectionery, with the 300g box currently the top-selling SKU in classic boxed. By providing the ultimate blend of taste and texture, Ferrero Rocher is truly unique, making it the perfect treat to celebrate the ‘golden moments’ of life,” concludes Levi Boorer.