Mentos has teamed up with digital music service Spotify to launch Mentos Freshener; a smart app designed to freshen up playlists. The digital and social partnership will run for six months and will be supported by competitions and advertising.

To activate the campaign Mentos will be giving away £1,500 worth of prizes to encourage users to trial the app. Anyone with a Spotify account can visit where their existing playlists will be analysed using innovative Mentos technology to freshen it up.

The newly generated playlists take into account an individual’s preferences and populate them with inspired choices based on the latest tracks and up and coming artists. The refreshed playlist can then be shared via Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win Spotify premium codes.

The campaign will be additionally supported with advertising on the Spotify website in Q4.

Mentos brand manager Claire Powley commented: “We’re really excited about this partnership. Working with Spotify enables us to further position Mentos as a young and fun brand that puts its fans first and is always thinking up new and exciting ways to engage with them. We’re confident it will be a great success.”

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