Nairn’s is adding 20% extra fill to its three-strong gluten-free Wholegrain Crackers range.

Though the packs of Wholegrain Crackers will get an extra 20% fill, the RRP will remain the same – these new packs will go into stores across the UK from mid-September.

Martyn Gray, managing director at Nairn’s, said: “The UK is going through a period of food inflation and the media is full of many examples of brands reducing their pack weights or product sizes as a result.

“Coupled with this, we know that gluten-free food is often criticised for being disproportionately expensive, though this is largely due to the costs of the raw ingredients – ensuring they are ‘pure’ – and the testing required to ensure such products are safe for coeliacs to eat.

“At Nairn’s, we’ve recently invested in new, larger gluten-free bakery and last year took the decision to pass on some of our cost savings to the consumer in the form of a 33% extra fill pack on our gluten free Oatcakes.

“We’re now rolling this out to our gluten-free Wholegrain Crackers with a 20% extra fill pack. As the UK’s number 1 producer of branded gluten-free sweet and savoury biscuits, we believe this demonstrates our commitment to producing free from products that are simple, natural and wholesome but also represent better value for money.”