The UK’s first peel front crisp packets are set to be released to market by Seabrook Crisps within its new, premium Lattice Cut range.

The British brand has developed the innovative new format to allow consumers to peel open the front of the packet and share its contents. The new pack design will be launched into convenience and foodservice channels when the Lattice Cut range rolls out in mid-October.

The peel & share design, which will be available exclusively on the Lattice Cut 40g packs with an rrp of 75p, gives the trade a new product that responds to the growth of the sharing occasion within the sector, currently worth £290m.

The peel front pack has a tested, tamper proof seal and its unique format has no impact on the shelf life of the product. The product is ideal for the growing demand for ‘on the go’ snacking solutions and sharing, and will appeal to Petrol Forecourts and high footfall Convenience retail outlets that have a strong ‘on the go’ food offer.

The Lattice Cut range will also be released in 90g standard price-marked packets from mid-October to offer an exclusive format to the convenience channel. The larger format supports social occasions such as parties or the ‘Big Night In’ and will be price-marked £1 to encourage trial.

Seabrook Crisps marketing director, Kevin Butterworth said: “Often, the best ideas are the simplest and we’ve invented a peel and share pack format that shoppers will love, because the product is more adaptable and enjoyable to use. While the packets can also be opened in the conventional way like the standard bags, the re-sealable peel front is a simple and convenient serving solution that complements the premium position of our new Lattice Cut range, providing even more appeal for our target audience. The overall range provides a perfect offer for the sharing occasion and Impulse shoppers can choose to grab a 40g bag to enjoy whilst on the go or at work or pick up a larger bag on the way to a social gathering.”

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