Wilkinson Sword has relaunched its Quattro razors targeting younger customers.

The company hopes the changes to the £13.2m range will also encourage existing customers to trade up to a more premium product.

Julian Williams, category development manager at Energizer Wilkinson Sword, says: "The improvements we’ve made to the Quattro system will not only attract younger consumers who like to experiment with their individual style, but also men who are looking for the closest and most comfortable shave."

The Quattro Titanium has a new edging blade designed to make it easier to shave in straight lines on the face; a lubricating strip containing aloe vera; and a new lighter handle to make it more comfortable to hold.

It comes in a new chrome silver colour.

Meanwhile, the Quattro Titanium Energy is said to be the first battery-driven system razor with the motor located close to the blades in the razor head. It is designed for men with more sensitive skin.

The original Quattro system razor has also been improved, with an irritation-reducing cartridge including a lubricating strip with aloe vera and a rubberised grip handle.

All three razors have new packaging.

The Quattro Titanium has a rrp of £5.99, with replacement blade packs at £5.49 for four and £10.49 for eight. The Quattro Titanium Energy has a rrp of £7.99 and the Quattro has a rrp of £4.99. Replacement blade packs are £4.97 for four and £9.38 for eight.

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