Rustlers CIB Supreme Cheese Melt Burger Front

Following the launch of its new range of food to go equipment, Rustlers has introduced a Cook in Box solution.

Rolling out this month across the convenience channel, Rustlers Cook in Box allows shoppers to heat the fully assembled burger without opening the pack, eliminating any messy preparation while also acting as a product carrier to enable easy consumption on the go.

“Together with our new range of food to go solutions, Cook in Box creates a low cost, low wastage approach for retailers who want to offer hot food across all day parts,” said Ross Davison, convenience controller at Kepak Consumer Foods.

Rustlers All Day Breakfast Sausage Muffin will be available in the new format, while the new Supreme Cheese Melt burger topped with Rustlers’ signature sauce aims to cater for lunchtime and evening shoppers.

“Following the recent launch of the food to go equipment solutions in the convenience channel, we are rolling out the innovative Cook in Box product to enable retailers to optimise their hot food offering in store,” added Ross.

“Through our new innovative food to go solutions, and our best-selling product range, we are committed to helping retailers develop incremental opportunities from the chiller by providing convenient options that can be enjoyed in and out of the home.

“We are confident that the new Cook in Box range will create a significant new growth platform for us and our convenience customers.”