FT Smint

Smint is back on screens this January with its Fresh Moments campaign.

Sales across the the refreshment category fell over the course of last year due to a major change in traditional purchase patterns as Covid-19 saw commuting, social and leisure occasions grind to a halt, so in the latest version of its Fresh Moments creative, the brand highlights a number of fresh occasions, such as working from home.

The £500,000 plan includes a mixture of VOD (video on demand) social and digital content that will target a predicted 27.5million consumers through the month.

Smint brand manager Sarah Elmer explained: “Refreshment has had a tough time recently – even before Covid-19, the category was starting to show signs of decline.

“We’re looking to really kick start sales in 2021 by reminding consumers that refreshment isn’t just for fresh breath after coffee – it’s a moment for themselves, whether they’re hydrating after meetings or freshening up behind their masks.”