London-based coffee roaster and tea blender, The Drury Tea & Coffee Company, has launched an all-new breakfast blend teabag that is ideally suited to takeaway establishments thanks to its quick brewing properties. Called Gunwharf Breakfast Blend, it is named after the Royal Arsenal development in Woolwich, where Drury has its manufacturing base.

Gunwharf Breakfast Blend is the fifth Breakfast blend in the Company’s portfolio as well as being the strongest. The new blend is a mix of larger leaf and fine leaf teas to deliver strength with flavour. It comprises teas from Africa, Sri Lanka, India and Rwanda and is designed to brew in a 12oz takeaway cup in just 30-45 seconds (with some stirring). This makes it perfectly suited to the takeaway industry.

The company says the pyramid shape of the teabag is crucial to the brewing process, as is the biodegradable teabag mesh. This material, together with the extra brew space afforded by the pyramid shape, means that the blender can use higher quality, larger leaf teas for better liquoring and a more satisfying taste.

Gunwharf Blend is available in catering packs of 100 with a list price of £16.20. It is also packed in bulk packs of 1000 priced at £107.

Managing director, Marco Olmi said: “We are aware of the timing constraints that takeaway businesses operate under and we wanted to create a tea blend that would infuse quickly, but at the same time deliver body and taste. It really does brew very fast without compromising on the depth of flavour.”