FT WKD Raspberry Lemonade PMP carton

WKD is launching a new Raspberry Lemonade variant which will be offered solely in £2.99 price-marked 700ml glass bottles, to appeal exclusively to independent retailers.

The deep pink liquid, combined with contrasting, dark label graphics, is intended to give WKD Raspberry Lemonade excellent shelf stand-out.

The new flavour is being launched with trade deals to incentivise distribution, off-shelf display, POS kits, and a social media campaign expected to reach more than one million consumers. Raspberry Lemonade will also benefit from a brand-wide 2020 programme of WKD support activity.

“As a bright, fun flavour with a touch of nostalgia about it, WKD Raspberry Lemonade is bringing a new angle to our range,” said Ali Gray, head of alcohol marketing at WKD brand owner SHS Drinks. “The importance of nostalgia has increased during these challenging times and we want to give consumers something to get a little bit excited about.

“Pink-coloured drinks continue to grow in popularity and there’s plenty of scope for additional pink flavours. WKD volumes are on an incredible upward curve and new Raspberry Lemonade will generate additional momentum and hold strong appeal for our target market.

“Consumers are looking for variety and new flavours to enhance their drinking experiences and impactful Raspberry Lemonade will build incremental sales for stockists.”