You wouldn’t have wanted the mini break I’ve just had. Most of the self-catering shopping I did on a four-day break in Cornwall involved visiting various Safeways, which seemed to have the supermarket monopoly in most places. We were offered leaflets at every entrance – cheap petrol etc. This didn’t work for us, you’ll be pleased to hear, as we weren’t spending much, but the man in front of us in one queue spent £140. The checkout lady said that spending another tenner would get him half-price petrol. “I’ve got a full tank,” he said. “It’s valid for seven days,” she said. So he went running off to pick up two more bottles of wine. As he settled the bill he told her he’d probably have to do more driving than he’d planned in the next week to take full advantage. I’m not sure where false economy leaves off and perceived value starts, but I know who’s losi