I had rather wished that DVD supplier Deal Direct would just go away. Sylvia Brudenall, who runs a Murco service station at Taunton, agrees. “I got a load of unwanted stuff last October from Price Slasher (another of the company’s incarnations). I kept asking them to pick the DVDs up and they said – ‘you send them back and we’ll repay the postage’.

“Oh no,” said Sylvia. “So, nothing happened. Then in January I wrote saying you have 30 days to pick them up or I’ll get rid of them.” This prompted an invoice from Deal Direct. “Now they are calling me every week. Something should be done about this pain in the backside,” concludes Sylvia.

Well, Sylvia and I got our wish. Deal Direct is going away and won’t be troubling her any longer with pushy telesales calls. The company has changed tack again and will now be, er, dealing direct with the public. Providing they repay all the retailers, I’m in favour of this. They won’t be able to bugger around with the general public like they have with the retail sector.

If they owe you money, get your small claims court form in quick. And perhaps a few of you might like to complain about Jeremy Beadle’s involvement with Deal Direct. How about a few phone calls to Watchdog? The telephone number is 020 7940 7474.