Another complaint about the Royal Mail. As I’ve reported previously in this column, the margin on first class stamps may have gone up to 7%, but the reduction on second class stamps to 3% has really put some of you off.

Tim Neal rang from West Coker Garage, near Yeovil in Somerset, to say that he had a Royal Mail retailer card which used to enable him to go to his local post office and buy stamps at a discount for a minimum spend of £150. The post office has now stopped taking the card so he has to do the procedure by post.

His envelope to the Royal Mail (freepost) took a week to get to them in Edinburgh (don’t you love it?).

He asked Royal Mail, why have you taken this business away from the local POs which need all the help they can get?

“They said it’s down to Post Office Counters,” said Tim, “so I rang PO Counters and they said they were withdrawing use of the retailer’s card with immediate effect because Royal Mail Retail wouldn’t supply the order forms for the stamps with the correct value on them. So they are throwing the toys out of the pram. It’s so silly, so childish.

“We have a business in a small village and the PO is having a hard time. I was spending £400 a month with the local sub post office. The discount on the stamp books was 5%, which is the same by post.

“Are they competing with themselves? They are two companies but it’s the same business,” observes Tim. Nothing like cutting off your nose to spite your face.