My piece in the July issue about police efforts to put the brakes on drive-offs brought a bit of a scoff from a retailer who runs a filling station in Plymouth but wishes to remain anonymous. He writes, via email: “If we are not careful, petrol station operators could see an increase in drive-offs thanks to the very recent amendment on how police treat drive-offs. For the police to be involved now there have to be ‘aggravating circumstances’ – ie a stolen vehicle. Once the individuals with their swivelling, IQ-reducing baseball caps get to hear of this, they could have a field day at our expense.”

He adds that he recently had two drive-offs which were both immediately reported to the police. Details were taken and a police log number issued. But then he was told he should obtain the registered keeper details from Swansea and then pursue it himself.

“This change smells very much to me of the police weeding out niggling crimes to them (very costly to us) from their system which affect their ‘clear up’ figures.

He hopes that BOSS will try to persuade the police to reconsider.