turtle wax

Turtle Wax has launched the Turtle Wax Promise line, a new range of more sustainable car care products, available for the first time from UK retailers.

The Promise products have no added dyes, are fully biodegradable and come in packaging that is now able to be recycled in more markets. In addition, the Promise line also debuts new versions of some Turtle Wax classics. For example, Zip Wax comes in a new double-concentrated formula and there is a new spray version of Super Hard Shell Finish.

Early feedback from both consumers and retailers has been positive, with the Promise line delivering the same trusted performance, at the same accessible price point, but now in a more sustainable format.

Matt Chapman, global director of portfolio at Turtle Wax, said: “At Turtle Wax, we know we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. The Turtle Wax Promise line is a notable step forward in this journey, providing car owners with Turtle Wax’s trusted performance, in a more sustainable format. It shows just how versatile we can be when we think about the concept of innovation.”

The full range comprises Insect Remover, Clear Vue Glass Cleaner, Zip Wax, Super Hard Shell Finish, Inside & Out Plastic Shine, Total Interior Shampoo and Color Shift Wheel Cleaner.