The Verification of Lubricants Specifications (VLS) was set up in 2013 to protect end users and safeguard against counterfeit lubricants. It recommends three simple steps to ensure it can maintain product quality when it comes to car lubricants:

Consumers and traders should always ensure that they purchase lubricants from reputable distributors and reliable stockists. Companies that are well established in the UK or Europe will fight hard to maintain their reputation and ensure the continued confidence of their consumers in high- quality products.

Always check that new products being offered are of comparable quality and performance to existing lubricants. If you are offered a pack of cheap lubricants from an unknown source, then check it out. Any new products being offered at prices significantly below the current rate could be a reflection of healthy competition or an indication that it might not be wholly comparable with your existing lubricant. Does the new product meet the same automotive car manufacturer requirements or carry the same approvals?

If you are being offered a product with the same product or brand name from a wholly new source and at a significant discount, then check it out alongside your existing product. Does the lubricant carry the same barcode number? Is the stock code the same? Is the label crystal clear with the right font in the right colourways?


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