Big Bear Confectionery is adding a new limited-edition product into its Fox’s Glacier range of boiled sweets this autumn.

Fox’s, which this September celebrates its 100th anniversary, has used the warm flavours and aromas of autumn to create a new 200g sharing bag: Fox’s Limited-Edition Glacier Fruit & Spice (RRP £1). Made with no artificial flavours or colours, the new product contains a mix of three different flavours: Honey & Lemon, Apple & Cinnamon and Orange & Ginger and will be on-shelf from late September.

Andrew Ovens, marketing manager at Big Bear Confectionery said: “Sales of our limited-edition Glacier Tropical reflected the hot summer we’ve had, far outstripping expectation and we wanted to build on this demand for different flavours by giving retailers something fresh and interesting to help drive impulse purchases. With Halloween on the horizon, we believe the new individually wrapped Glacier Fruit & Spice flavours will be popular with customers of all ages, giving interesting tongue-tingling combinations, ideal for brightening autumn and winter days.”