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    HMRC seizes adulterated diesel from garage


    HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has seized 2,800 litres of contaminated fuel, red diesel and kerosene from a filling station in the county of Caerphilly in South Wales. HMRC road fuel testing officers found two large fuel tanks containing what purported to be duty-paid white diesel selling at £1.25 a ...

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    Dye used to fight diesel theft


    An initiative to fight diesel theft is increasingly being taken up by haulage firms in Derbyshire. Operation Dynamo, which is being run by Derbyshire police and Derbyshire Dales District Council, involves adding dye to the fuel so it can be identified if it is stolen. Longcliffe Calcium Carbonates, David Bradley ...

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    Diesel stolen from Kent petrol stations


    Thousands of litres of diesel have been stolen from two petrol station in Kent in a rash of thefts which have only taken place on Friday nights. The first occurred on the night of April 5 between 7pm and 7am the next morning, when 2,200 litres of diesel was taken ...

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    Supermarkets cut diesel prices


    Cuts of up to 2 pence per litre (ppl) in the price of diesel have been implemented today by all the UK’s biggest supermarket groups. The cuts appear to have been sparked by Morrisons, which announced yesterday that it would be cutting up to 2ppl off diesel prices at its ...

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    Diesel thieves stopped by tank monitoring system


    A sudden-loss alarm system has helped to foil two intruders who siphoned off around 10,000 litres of diesel from Forest Lane Service Station, on the A614 near Calverton, Nottinghamshire.The site was closed when the theft occurred but an alarm connected to its Veeder-Root TLS-350 tank monitoring system tipped off the ...

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    Asda sets national limit on retail diesel price at 139.7ppl


    Asda has cut the price of diesel by up to 2p a litre. From Tuesday March 26 it says customers will pay no more than 139.7p per litre of diesel at any of the supermarket’s 213 forecourts nationwide. The price of unleaded at Asda remains at its national price cap ...

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    Diesel stolen from Asda distribution site


    Police are investigating after a large quantity of diesel was stolen from a container at an Asda regional distribution centre. The theft happened between 11.30am on Saturday March 9, and 1am on Sunday, March 10, when diesel was stolen from a container at the Asda Distribution site on Pattinson North ...

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    Diesel thieves caught in the act


    Intruders who siphoned off thousands of pounds worth of diesel from a petrol filling site were caught in the act by police after sudden loss alarms tipped off staff.The theft took place at Forest Lane Service Station, on the A614 near Calverton, Nottinghamshire, which is owned by Brobot Petroleum, the ...

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    Diesel stolen from Cambridgeshire site


    Cambridgeshire police have released CCTV images of a lorry they want to trace in connection with the theft of thousands of pounds worth of diesel. A white lorry with red curtains was seen being driven away from BP Childerley Gate Service Centre, St Neots Road, Dry Drayton, between 11pm and ...

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    Thieves steal diesel from garage


    Police are appealing for information about the theft of 3,300 litres of diesel from the GL Clarke petrol station on Spilsby Road, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, on Tuesday January 10. Owner Richard Clarke said the criminals were so professional that they left no trace and that it was not until the tank ...

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    Service Centre: Jac Roper on the New Year starting with problems with diesel tanks and cash machines


    A second quote saves the day Happy New Year to all. Right, that’s enough joy; now back to the problems. Garry Gibson, head of operations at Cooper Bros in Wishaw, Lancashire, certainly had a time of it last year. Last summer a flashing alarm light indicated a problem with a ...

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    Diesel thief gets 19 months


    A 30-year-old man, who has been convicted 41 times for driving while disqualified and six times for driving dangerously, has now been jailed for 19 months for drive-offs.According to the This is Bristol website, Christopher Warburton twice filled up his Ford Escort van with diesel without paying.When police spotted him ...

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    Diesel volumes return to normal levels while petrol sales ’slow’


    Diesel volumes have more or less returned to normal levels, according to the latest information released by RMI Petrol. The Association said the return to normal for diesel is reflective of the fact that commercial vehicles, by necessity, churn their fuel more quickly than private ones, and that 70% of ...

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    Tesco diesel causes car trouble


    A driver from Huntingdon has said he was left with a £500 repair bill for his Saab after filling up with the diesel at the Tesco forecourt in the town last month.Talking to the Hunts Post, Andy Ibbotson said the day after he’d filled up, he had trouble starting his ...

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    Calls to cut fuel duty as diesel hits a record high


    The government is under intense pressure from the fuel and motoring industies to tackle fuel duty and soaring fuel prices, as diesel hit a record high last month.The AA has written to Chancellor George Osborne calling for an investigation of the oil, refining, fuel product and retail markets to ensure ...

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    Last-ditch bid to stop duty rise, as diesel hits record high of 144.21ppl


    Fair Fuel UK campaigners are meeting with the Treasury today to make a last-ditch plea for the government to axe the planned August fuel duty rise as diesel prices continue to soar, rising to a record 144.21ppl. The meeting comes as Britain’s fuel taxes and duties are revealed to be ...

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    Diesel hits new record high


    Diesel prices hit a new record high today after continued rises over the past few days. The new record average price of diesel is 143.96ppl. The rise comes as Chancellor George Osborne appears to have ruled out further fuel duty cuts in next month’s Budget as he claims to ...

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    Diesel price hits record high as RMIP makes formal submission to OFT for new review of the market


    The price of diesel has hit a record high having rocketed by 10pp in just 12 months – an inflation-busting 7% rise – reports RMI Petrol. "The increase leaves diesel at 143.05ppl, a level that could derail Government plans to curb inflation, is a disaster for motorists, and puts the ...

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    AA calls for fuel price regulator as diesel nears last year’s record


    The AA has called for the industry to consider the introduction of a price regulator acting as an honest broker between fuel suppliers, retailers and consumers. The suggestion comes as average UK diesel prices have risen to 142.80ppl, a fifth of a penny shy of the record set in May ...

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    Fears of diesel black market operating in the Southeast


    Some Eastern European hauliers are allegedly welding extra tanks to their tractor units to bring cheap diesel into the Southeast and sell it on the black market. RMI Petrol chairman Brian Madderson told Forecourt Trader that an undercover BBC reporter, who approached him to ask about the legality of such ...