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    Fears of diesel black market operating in the Southeast


    Some Eastern European hauliers are allegedly welding extra tanks to their tractor units to bring cheap diesel into the Southeast and sell it on the black market. RMI Petrol chairman Brian Madderson told Forecourt Trader that an undercover BBC reporter, who approached him to ask about the legality of such ...

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    Petrol and diesel cars will be gone by 2050, says new government proposal


    All of Britain’s road vehicles will be battery powered by 2050, according to proposals by energy secretary Chris Huhne. Under the government’s carbon plan, the 30 million petrol and diesel cars and vans on Britain’s roads will be replaced by a new generation of electric vehicles that can be charged ...

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    Supply problems push up the price of diesel


    Supermarket prices for unleaded fell by 0.9ppl to 131.5ppl in the past month, meaning the gap between supermarket prices and the UK average for unleaded has risen to 2.2ppl, according to the AA’s latest price report. Unleaded prices have fallen by 0.8ppl from 134.5ppl to 133.7ppl, while diesel prices have ...

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    Survey says petrol cars still more popular than diesels


    Petrol cars still beat diesel models in the popularity stakes despite the typically higher fuel economy of diesel engines, a study of UK motorists asked more than 1,700 people: ’When you next change your car, what type of fuel will you opt for?’ of which 35% opted for a ...

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    Survey says petrol cars still more popular than diesels


    Petrol cars still beat diesel models in the popularity stakes despite the typically higher fuel economy of diesel engines, a study of UK motorists asked more than 1,700 people: ’When you next change your car, what type of fuel will you opt for?’ of which 35% opted for a ...

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    Greenergy starts producing biodiesel from waste crisps and pies


    Greenergy, a privately owned company which supplies one fifth of Britain’s road fuel, has begun producing biodiesel from food waste. In a partnership with Brocklesby Ltd, a specialist in recycling edible oils, unsaleable food products such as crisps and pies, which would previously have gone to landfill or compost, are ...

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    Diesel cars sales overtake petrol for first time


    Sales of diesel cars have overtaken those of petrol cars for the first time as motorists opt for more fuel-effecient vehicles.The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reported that diesel car registrations accounted for 50.6% of the market in July while alternative fuel vehicles also achieved record market share ...

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    BP invests in biodiesel


    BP has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Martek Biosciences Corporation to develop biodiesel. US biofuels specialist Martek will work on technology to convert sugars into biodiesel for BP’s Alternative Energy team. Philip News, CEO of BP Biofuels, said: "As an alternative to conventional vegetable oils, we believe sugar to ...

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    Warning on biodiesel


    An investigation by consumer website has revealed potential dangers in buying a high-blend biodiesel called B30, which does not have the approval of many car manufacturers to use in their vehicles. It is currently sold through Morrisons forecourts. The company’s petrol director Phil Maud, said each pump has a ...

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    Exxonmobil to invest £1bn in cleaner burning diesel


    ExxonMobil is set to invest more than $1 billion in three refineries to boost supply of cleaner burning diesel by about six million gallons per day. ExxonMobil Refining and Supply will construct new units and modify existing facilities at its refineries in Baton Rougein Louisiana, Baytown, Texas, and Antwerp in ...

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    Diesel drops to under £1 a litre


    Morrisons has slashed the price of a litre of diesel to under £1 a litre. The supermarket was the first to announce the price drop, effective from today, which will see diesel sold for 99.9p alitre at all Morrisons UK forecourts. The move was followed by Tesco, which announced ...

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    Homemade biodiesel


    A Yorkshire retailer is probably the cheapest forecourt in the country for selling biodiesel at 94.9p a litre. ID Oils, near York, has just one pump and has been selling the fuel made from old cooking oil for 20 years. Word is spreading and the site has been swamped with ...

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    Truckers protest in London at diesel costs


    Lorry drivers from all over the UK are staging a protest in London today against spiralling diesel costs. The protest began in Kent and was due to end with a Park Lane rally, with dozens of vehicles expected to join the event. A delegation from the protest is expected to ...

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    Shell rolls out V-diesel


    Shell V-Power diesel is being rolled out nationally following a successful launch in the south east last November.Nick Adams, general manager retail sales & operations, said: "With the popularity of diesel growing all the time, we hope to improve the driving experience of many more diesel drivers."

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    A scientist’s view of biodiesel


    Biodiesel in some form or other is here to stay - if only to reduce the UK’s dependency on petroleum - so we might as well take the time to understand the pros and cons of using this fuel and the cautions that apply.== What is biodiesel? ==Biodiesel is fuel ...

  • Dealers accept cost of V-Power diesel

    Dealers accept cost of V-Power diesel


    Shell dealers could face having to install new tanks and pipework if they want to sell the new premium fuel V-Power diesel, launched last month on 31 co-owned forecourts in the south east. The new diesel is retailing at 6ppl more than standard diesel, and Shell claims it is the ...

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    Shell launches V-Power Diesel


    Shell has announced the launch of an advanced performance diesel fuel, V-Power Diesel, which went on sale in 31 company-owned forecourts in the South East yesterday and will be rolled out across the UK in 2007.The new fuel targets the growing number of diesel drivers and further extends Shell’s differentiated ...

  • Building starts on new biodiesel plant

    Building starts on new biodiesel plant


    The £1.5 billion European fuels business, Greenergy International, plans to step up its presence in the UK market as it starts construction of a £13.5 million biodiesel production plant in Humberside.The Immingham-based plant will initially supply 100,000 tonnes of biodiesel a year, and will serve the fast-growing UK and European ...

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    Petrol and diesel - main fuels till 2030


    Petrol and diesel will continue to supply the bulk of the road transport fuel market until at least 2030, according to the UK Petroleum Industry Association. In its evidence to the House of Commons Select Committe on Transport’s enquiry into ‘Cars of the Future’ UKPIA – which represents refiners and ...

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    Shell follows BP with new diesel


    Hot on the heels of BP’s Ultimate Diesel launch last month, Shell is now introducing a new UK diesel which it says will cost the same as its normal diesel while giving better performance and improved emissions. BP Ultimate is premium priced.Shell Diesel Extra will be available at more than ...