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  • Asda cuts unleaded price below diesel

    Asda cuts unleaded price below diesel


    Two months after supermarkets cut diesel prices below unleaded petrol Asda has been the first to restore petrol’s position as the cheaper fuel. Effective from today (Wednesday 23rd September) Asda is cutting the price of unleaded by 2ppl, making its national price cap105.7ppl on unleaded while diesel remains at 107.7ppl. ...

  • RAC claims on diesel security rejected

    RAC claims on diesel security rejected


    Greenergy has reassured the industry about the security of diesel supplies after the RAC warned there is a possibility that pumps in the UK could run out of diesel because of the growing reliance on imports. The RAC pointed to UK’s increasing need to import diesel as diesel demand has ...

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    Diesel’s price advantage is being eroded


    Diesel’s undercutting of petrol may be short-lived if recent trends continue. Plummeting prices in July sent diesel below petrol for the first time in 14 years, and by mid-August the price differential had stabilised at around 3ppl, but a flurry of petrol price cuts in the week before Forecourt Trader ...

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    Car makers promote cleaner diesels


    Europe’s car industry has launched a campaign insisting the latest diesel technology is clean and acceptable for use in cars, as tighter emissions standards have been introduced. From September 1 all new vehicles will need to comply with Euro-6, the new European vehicle emissions legislation. The European Automobile ...

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    Supermarket price cuts reduce diesel petrol gap


    Three of the big four supermarkets have reduced their fuel prices by identical amounts this morning (Thursday, August 27), with cuts that further narrow the gap between diesel and unleaded petrol after petrol price cuts at the weekend. Morrisons was first to announce the cut of 2ppl on unleaded petrol ...

  • Asda cuts diesel to 108.7ppl

    Asda cuts diesel to 108.7ppl


    Asda has announced a new round of price cuts on fuel with 2ppl off diesel and up to 1ppl off unleaded petrol from Saturday August 8, and this was swiftly matched by Sainsbury’s. Asda’s new national price cap on diesel will be 108.7ppl, its lowest price since early 2010. Unleaded ...

  • RAC reports 5ppl drop in diesel prices for July

    RAC reports 5ppl drop in diesel prices for July


    The average price of diesel at the pumps fell 5ppl last month, according to RAC Fuel Watch data. The motoring organisation’s latest report shows that at the start of the month diesel was 120.63ppl, but by the end it had dropped almost 5p to 115.74ppl. On Wednesday July 29, the ...

  • HMRC introduces roadside testing of diesel

    HMRC introduces roadside testing of diesel


    HMRC has started the roll-out of new road-side fuel testing equipment across the UK to tackle the trade in illicit diesel. It will be used to check fuel both at the roadside and on dealers’ forecourts. Treasury minister Damian Hinds visited Belfast and Newry as HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) ...

  • Average diesel pump price falls below unleaded

    Average diesel pump price falls below unleaded


    The average price of diesel at the pumps has fallen below the average price of unleaded petrol for the first time in more than 14 years. According to Experian Catalist, which monitors dealers’ prices across the UK on a daily basis, the average price of diesel on July 28 fell ...

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    Sainsbury’s announces another 2ppl cut in diesel prices


    Sainsbury’s has announced that from tomorrow - July 28 - it will be cutting the price of diesel by up to 2ppl across its 300 forecourts. This is the third time in less than three weeks that the company has dropped the price of diesel, among a slew of similar ...

  • Average diesel price set to drop below unleaded

    Average diesel price set to drop below unleaded


    Average diesel prices are likely to fall below unleaded petrol for the first time in 14 years, following a round of price cutting by supermarkets sparked by Morrisons. It announced that it was cutting its diesel by 2ppl from Monday July 20, and that in most of its sites ...

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    Supermarkets cut 2ppl off diesel


    Another round of supermarket fuel price cuts was announced this week. Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s all cut the price of diesel by 2p a litre, the day after the Chancellor’s Summer Budget revealed there would be no increases in fuel duty as some had feared. The supermarket announcements follow last ...

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    RAC calls for "fairer" diesel pricing


    The RAC is calling on fuel retailers to pass on savings on diesel after the wholesale price of diesel remained cheaper than petrol for all of June. In the RAC’s Fuel Watch report for June it described the price of diesel as the “elephant in the room” with wholesale prices ...

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    Defence of diesel over air quality


    Central government and local authorities should think hard and look at the facts before making major policy changes in the name of achieving ‘green’ environmental improvements, according to the specialist motoring publisher Glass’s. It said that knee jerk reactions to studies showing the negative impact of diesel emissions on urban ...

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    Couple arrested over 500 litres of diesel in car


    Thames Valley Police officers have arrested two people on suspicion of theft after they discovered with a huge quantity of fuel in the vehicle the suspects were travelling in. The officers stopped a car on the M40 near Beaconsfield on Tuesday 5 May. The vehicle was carrying 500 litres ...

  • PRA describes RAC diesel accusation as nonsense

    PRA describes RAC diesel accusation as nonsense


    The PRA has reacted furiously and accused the RAC of an alarming lack of research after it claimed retailers are profiteering on diesel and taking high margins because much of the diesel sold is to business users who are less price sensitive. RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “It’s hard ...

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    Electric car secondhand values catching up diesels


    Forecasts of secondhand values for electric vehicles (EVs) are moving closer to traditional diesel cars as the used car market becomes more accustomed to the technology they contain, according to the self-styled “trade bible” Glass’s. In some cases, residual value (RV) forecasts are already broadly similar to their diesel equivalent, ...

  • Car makers challenge ’demonisation of diesel’

    Car makers challenge ’demonisation of diesel’


    The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has launched a campaign to challenge what it describes as increasing demonisation of diesel and raise consumer awareness about the latest low-emission car technology. A Diesel Facts guide will be available online and in leaflet form via car makers and dealers. The ...

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    Summit meeting highlights cleaner diesel


    The contribution that commercial vehicles can make to improving air quality is the focus of a summit meeting being held today (February 11). The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is hosting transport policy makers, vehicle manufacturers and other stakeholders from across the UK at a special event in ...

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    FairFuelUK accuses retailers of profiteering on diesel


    FairFuelUK is calling for an inquiry into pump prices and is accusing retailers of profiteering on diesel. Campaigners Quentin Willson and Howard Cox are meeting with MPs this week to press for an inquiry and say that diesel prices have not come down as much as petrol, after the price ...