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    New diesel engines still exceeding emission limits


    Many new diesel cars are still exceeding emission limits despite having passed official tests, according to independent tests. The EQUA Air Quality Index has been developed by Emissions Analytics, and aims to measure emissions in real-life on-the-road driving rather than the laboratory-based test used for the Euro-6 standards. The company ...

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    Estercheck offers bio-diesel analysis


    With use of bio-diesel increasing, Stanhope-Seta is offering a handheld device for checking the percentage of bio-diesel in fuel. Bio-diesel is a diesel fuel that contains blends of FAME (fatty-acid methyl ester) made from animal fats and vegetable oils. It combusts with lower concentrations of toxic emissions than conventional diesel ...

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    Diesel pollution affected by temperature


    Pollution from many popular diesel cars is much worse when the outside temperature is cooler than 18C, new research suggests. Experts have suggested the reason is that many engine management systems switch off or reduce pollution controls in lower temperatures. Very hot and cold weather can damage engine components, and ...

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    Diesel usage in London reaches all-time high


    Efforts to deter the use of diesel cars in London appear to have failed, with their share of the market reaching a record high in 2015, according to Leonie Cooper, Labour’s London assembly environment spokesperson, who obtained the figures from the Department for Transport. With diesel vehicles being blamed for ...

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    Germany “needs” to phase out new petrol and diesel cars by 2030


    Sales of new petrol and diesel cars in Germany will have to be phased out by 2030, in order for it to meet pollution targets, a minister has warned. Deputy economy minister Rainer Baake said all new cars registered in Germany will have to be emissions free by 2030 if ...

  • Diesel duty hike furore: the facts

    Diesel duty hike furore: the facts


    National press furore this week over proposed hikes in diesel fuel duty appear to have been over-hyped and full of misinformation, following some careless comments by transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin. They stemmed from an article in the Evening Standard, which was then picked up by most national newspapers, and many ...

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    VW’s UK boss predicts decline in diesel cars


    Volkswagen’s UK boss is predicting diesel’s share of the UK car market could drop to as low as 30% as sales of petrol and alternative-fuelled cars strengthen. “The percentage of diesel will decline. It’s already happening. The first to be affected will be small cars,” said VW Group UK boss ...

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    Diesel leak after oil pipe drilled


    West Midlands Police are investigating a diesel spillage which they believe was caused when an oil pipe was drilled to access fuel. Diesel was spilled onto Forge Lane near Sandwell Valley Country Park, threatening to contaminate local parkland and leading police to close nearby roads. Forge Lane was closed between ...

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    Diesel cars all exceed emissions limits in tests


    All the diesel vehicles tested by the UK government exceeded emissions limits in real driving conditions, but it found no evidence of car manufacturers, apart from the VW Group, fitting devices to defeat the approved emissions test programme. Today (21 April) the UK government published its research into emissions levels ...

  • Thames Oilport takes first delivery of diesel

    Thames Oilport takes first delivery of diesel


    Thames Oilport has taken receipt of a diesel shipment for the first time since the closure of the Coryton refinery. It is the first in a series of diesel shipments to be stored on site. Coryton had supplied 20% of London and the South East’s fuel but its owner Petroplus ...

  • Petrol prices forecast to remain low as diesel climbs

    Petrol prices forecast to remain low as diesel climbs


    Increased petrol production should keep pump prices pegged down in March, while the price of diesel is likely to move back above petrol, according to the latest RAC Fuel Watch report. It said the average price of petrol fell slightly in February, marking eight consecutive months of falls. From the ...

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    Retail margins being squeezed as price of diesel is pushed down by supermarkets


    Retail margins on petrol have fallen, according to the AA, and prices have continued to fall. In its latest AA Fuel Price Report, it says: "AA research finds that during the periods of early 2014, early 2015 and late 2015, subtracting the cost of wholesale, ethanol and tax from the ...

  • Supermarkets cut further 2ppl off diesel

    Supermarkets cut further 2ppl off diesel


    Tesco and Morrisons have followed after Asda cut 2ppl off the price of diesel, bringing its national price cap down to 97.7ppl while unleaded remains at 99.7ppl. Andy Peake, Asda’s senior petrol director, said: “We’re delighted to be the first retailer to take diesel to its lowest price level in ...

  • Supermarkets follow indies diesel price cuts

    Supermarkets follow indies diesel price cuts


    More than a fortnight after independents began selling diesel for less than a pound per litre the UK’s four supermarket giants have followed their lead. Independent supermarket and fuel retailer Jempson’s was one of the first to dip below £1 per litre, cutting diesel to 99.7ppl on December 17. The ...

  • Independent cuts diesel to 99.7ppl

    Independent cuts diesel to 99.7ppl


    An independent retailer, who hit the headlines at the start of the year after cutting petrol down to 99.7ppl, has gained more publicity after cutting diesel to 99.7ppl. Velautham Sarveswaran, who runs three Harvest-branded sites in the Midlands with his wife, Ananthi, cut prices at his sites in Birmingham, Redditch ...

  • RAC calls for diesel price cuts

    RAC calls for diesel price cuts


    The RAC is urging supermarkets to cut their diesel prices to those of petrol, or even below, because wholesale prices of diesel are 3ppl less than petrol. It warns that if they don’t “they are in danger of being seen to take the country’s 11m diesel car drivers and Britain’s ...

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    Diesel at lowest level for six years


    November was a landmark month for the UK fuel market, according to the RAC, with both the lowest average pump price for diesel in six years and the first widespread sight of petrol being sold for less than £1 a litre since Summer 2009. RAC Fuel Watch data for November ...

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    Hyper cuts put petrol below diesel


    Two months after supermarkets cut diesel prices below unleaded petrol Asda has been the first to restore petrol’s position as the cheaper fuel. On Wednesday 23rd September Asda cut the price of unleaded by 2ppl, making its national price cap105.7ppl on unleaded while diesel remained at 107.7ppl. Andy Peake, Asda’s ...

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    Money Talk: Diesel blues for some and bad apples for others


    It happened in August. Motorists suddenly found pump prices of diesel were falling more steeply than those of unleaded. By the end of the month the unthinkable had happened on many forecourts diesel was actually cheaper than petrol. For some of the millions of today’s diesel drivers this felt like ...

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    Greenergy quells fears about diesel


    Greenergy has reassured the industry about the security of diesel supplies after the RAC warned there is a possibility that pumps in the UK could run out of diesel because of the growing reliance on imports. The RAC pointed to the UK’s increasing need to import diesel as diesel demand ...