FT - Air 1 Adblue baglan car pump

Adblue specialist Air1 is now offering bespoke bulk solutions specifically for the car market.

The company says that with the option to use the manufacturer of your choice and with a wide range of pumps, a satellite car dispenser can be linked to the HGV bulk tank already on your site.

“Providing a quicker, cleaner and easier solution for car drivers to top up their AdBlue at a forecourt is a great way to create a stronger customer base and can offer a significant new income-generation opportunity by just utilising the equipment that is already on site that trucks and vans use to top up their AdBlue,” advises Nigel Williams, Air1 forecourt manager.

”Most new cars with diesel engines have SCR systems and therefore require AdBlue. As well as retailers offering AdBlue in various packed sizes, many are noticing that this can lead to plastic waste on the forecourt - as well as being quite time-consuming for customers to refill their vehicle. One solution to this can be to offer AdBlue at the pump.”

With over 360 dedicated Air1 AdBlue pumps in the UK retail network serving the HGV sector, he said increasing numbers of forecourts were now looking at how they can serve the growing AdBlue car market and looking at how they can be more environmentally friendly.

Air1 is recognised as a technical innovator in AdBlue dispensing and storage equipment and works in partnership with leading manufacturers to develop AdBlue equipment in line with Air1’s unique specification. The company says project installations are overseen by Air1 from start to finish and all Air1 approved contractors are members of the APEA, PEIMF and are NIC/EIC approved electrical contractors.