A new range of PPE from industrial visual communication solutions specialist Beaverswood aims to provide improved levels of retail workplace protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visusafe Personal Protection combines high-performance materials, comfort and durable design to offer improved levels of safety for people working in stores.

The range includes transparent anti-fog and scratch-resistant protective face shields approved to UK National Healthcare Service standards. Designed to prevent the spread of virus by protecting the eyes, nose and mouth, while also preventing the user from touching their face, the lightweight, easy-to-clean and reusable shields feature an adjustable retaining strap for enhanced comfort and ease-of-use.

A protective clear plastic curtain, which can be cut to fit individual requirements and is easy-to-clean, is available for doorways and to clearly separate rooms, areas or shelving and racking systems. The curtain can be quickly secured in place using either magnetic strips or pre-drilled holes to ensure social distancing between people in the workplace is observed.

A free-standing transparent heavy-duty plastic screen to segregate workstation areas and provide a high protection level for employees and customers, is also available. Easy to install and clean, the screen measures 2000mm height and is available in a selection of widths: 800mm, 1200mm and 1500mm. A 2000mm height x 1200mm width rotational plastic screen, mounted on a two-way spring, is a further option to allow rapid and safe access along fire and emergency routes.

To curb the risk of infection spreading through coughing and sneezing on point-of-sale areas, a transparent, freestanding protective counter screen is available. Measuring 960mm height x 700mm width, and incorporating a 180mm x 590mm integrated serving hatch, the screen offers an easy-to-install, durable and stable protective option for both employers and customers.

Jim Roberts, product manager at Beaverswood, said: “During the current crisis, it’s critical to ensure people are fully protected in the workplace, keeping them both safe and well. Our new personal protection range does that, providing a top quality, extremely responsive and cost-effective solution.”

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