While many larger retailers already have many social distancing measures in place for staff and customers, this isn’t necessarily the case with other retail businesses, according to Ian Dewar, group managing director, of technology mounting and mobility solution specialists, Ergonomic Solutions.

“Most retailers offering essential items and groceries who have been able to keep stores open since the UK lockdown began, have done an incredible job to put measures in place quickly to protect both staff and customers. It’s no mean feat to ensure that social distancing is possible in retail spaces that were not originally designed with that in mind,” he said.

“However, we’ve heard from some of our customers, including convenience stores and small independent shops, that getting hold of some safeguarding products, like protective screens for the point of sale, which are low cost and can be installed easily in a variety of environments, has been difficult for some businesses.”

To solve this problem, Ergonomic Solutions has developed the SafeGuard Screen which is a low-cost, clear, hygienic and easy-to-clean acrylic screen that is designed to be easily installed between the customer and store staff, without taking up any transactional space.

Dewar adds: “Ergonomic Solutions have been working in these sectors for well over two decades, but we’ve never experienced anything like the current Coronavirus situation. We need to adjust our thinking about the ways in which people interact in these environments and how customer engagement is going to change permanently in future. It’s not realistic to believe that things will go back to exactly the way they used to be once this pandemic has passed.

“We’re continuously working on developing solutions that offer our customers a way to protect staff and consumers in the long-term as well as right now. We’re here to support the retail and hospitality industries with solutions to help protect them and their customers against Covid-19.”

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