A new family of access control solutions with built-in infection control measures has been introduced by Swedish company Gunnebo.

The new H-Sense range offers three levels of protection:

• Body temperature detection integrated into the gate combines image analytics with infrared thermal monitoring to deliver contactless temperature measurement to an accuracy of ±0.3°C. The system denies entry to anyone exhibiting an elevated body temperature.

• Hygienic mask detection via a high-precision camera integrated into the gate, backed up by image analytics, recognises if the visitor is wearing a mask and denies access if it is absent.

• An automatic gel dispenser delivers a dose of hand sanitiser contactlessly and prevents entry unless the sanitiser has been administered.

Robert Hermans, SVP Entrance Control at Gunnebo, said: “We foresee increased demand for access control solutions with a higher degree of connectivity and peripherals to meet specific needs created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Our new H-Sense range provides efficient and user-friendly infection control processes linked to the right of access, ensuring that protective measures are properly and safely enforced.”

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