Tokheim Solutions UK has changed its name to TSG UK Solutions and appointed Henry Simpson as UK managing director.

Henry joined TSG UK in September 2019 as interim managing director after more than 20 years as commercial director at Adler and Allan.

He said: “I am delighted to have been appointed the permanent managing director. I enjoyed the interim role and believe that TSG is a business with great people and a very forward-looking strategy.”

TSG emerged out of the Tokheim Group after a management buyout of the sales and service divisions in 2016. TSG Group has grown quickly and now has operations in 30 countries across Europe and Africa, and annual sales of over €650m.

The UK business has also expanded with acquisitions including Cameron Forecourt in 2019. TSG UK employs just under 250 full-time personnel, operating from eight regional depots.

TSG’s traditional business has been in the supply, installation and maintenance of dispensers and gauges in the fuel retail and fleet sectors. This remains the core of the business with partnerships with Tokheim and Profleet.

The service centre in Dundee has recently been revamped with a new IT system and dedicated help desks for each business line. The construction division has also been restructured so that all installation teams, from each business line, report to the new projects director.

With the trend for increased retail sales at forecourts, TSG has diversified into the valet market with a partnership with Kärcher to install and maintain car washes for fleet and retail customers.

TSG is also enabling forecourt operators to better manage their business with hardware and software systems including; payment solutions, media screens, station management tools and CCTV.

To help improve the station customer experience, TSG has developed complementary in-house mobile pay (MobyPay) and data management in the cloud (CharliePay). MobyPay can be used for everything from paying for a car wash to buying a coffee in the store. CharliePay enables forecourt operators to monitor customer spending habits and to operate loyalty schemes.

TSG is also embracing the move away from fossil fuels to new energies by launching complementary gas and electric vehicle charge businesses, with partnerships with key equipment manufacturers.

The business is agnostic to the gas technologies available, offering the full range of LPG, LNG, CNG and H2. It also claims to provide the largest range of EV solutions on the market.

Simpson said: “It is a very exciting time to be taking the helm, with my goal to make TSG UK the partner of choice for businesses looking to participate in the mobility transformation which we will see over the next few years.’

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