Allstar One Electric (002)

Fuel management company Allstar Business Solutions has announced a new partnership with Gronn Kontakt, an electric vehicle (EV) charging company owned by Statkraft – which is claimed to be Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy.

The deal means that Allstar adds a further 47 charging sites and 110 charge points to its Allstar One Electric network.

It is the eighth network addition following Allstar’s launch of its EV charging payment solution, the Allstar One Electric card.

According to Allstar, the service was launched in answer to calls from fleet managers who want to move to a combination of all fuel types on one fuel card. It also complements the existing ability to pay for hydrogen on the Allstar offering.

Paul Holland, managing director of UK Fuel at Fleetcor UK, said: “Clearly there has been some fantastic momentum gained in the electric vehicle movement in recent times. By partnering with Gronn Kontakt, we are helping UK fleets to make the switch to EV seamless, with increased convenience for charging sites as well as reducing range anxiety as we add more charging points to our growing network.”

Anthony Hinde, managing director at Gronn Kontakt, added: “We are pleased to work with Allstar in order to provide their users with the opportunity to seamlessly charge on our growing network. Allstar is clearly embracing the future of EVs within the fleet and therefore are a natural partner to Gronn Kontakt.”