CNG magor

CNG Fuels has applied to Monmouthshire County Council for a Screening Opinion in relation to proposals for a bio-compressed natural gas (Bio-CNG) HGV refuelling facility at land north of Magor Road, Magor.

A Screening Opinion will tell CNG fuels whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is necessary.

The Magor site covers an area of approximately 0.8 hectares and comprises a former compound with cabins still present. It is surrounded by a tree-covered embankment of the M4 to the north, with arable beyond, and car parking and a hotel in Wales 1 Business Park to the east.

The fuel station will include 14 dispensing pumps with a separate entry and exit point. Two HGV parking spaces are proposed for within the plant compound, which would be used occasionally by maintenance vehicles depending on the requirement to visit the site for repairs and/or maintenance. It is not thought that a permanent staff presence would be required at the site.

CNG Fuel provides a network of environmentally friendly CNG (sourced primarily from food waste) depots for CNG-powered HGVs. The majority of its clients are distribution and logistics firms.

CNG Fuels wants to build the 24/7 refuelling depot in Magor to serve existing logistics and distribution uses in the area as well as potential future development, within the Wales 1 Business Park, and to encourage further uptake of this energy source by HGVs.

The company says vehicles that utilise the bio-CNG fuel typically see a 90% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, up to a 75% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, and a circa 50% reduction in noise pollution, compared to traditional diesel-based power generation.

It says swapping existing vehicles to this new more environmentally friendly fuel source is a positive step in reducing emissions from the distribution and logistics sector and improving environmental conditions.

A consultation is due to take place on July 23.