EG Elmswell plans

EG Group’s plans to build a new petrol station on a greenfield site, off the A14 at Elmswell in Suffolk, have finally been approved after an appeal. As well as getting planning permission, EG Group was also awarded partial costs by The Planning Inspectorate due to delays on Mid Suffolk District Council’s part.

The Council’s Development Control Committee had previously refused planning permission because of concerns over access to the site and the effect on traffic in the area.

In its application EG Group said: “There was a notable shortage of roadside services along this section of the A14, and when taking into account recent developments (primarily new housing) that have been granted permission, there is a clear need for such key roadside services/infrastructure to support the local growing population.”

Permission was granted for a petrol filling station, drive-thru restaurant and coffee shop as well as parking for 64 cars, six EV chargepoints and various infrastructure at land off the A14 adjacent to Kiln Lane in Elmswell.

The Planning Inspectorate’s A Veevers noted the concerns over traffic but said: “I conclude that the proposal would not result in any unacceptable impact on highway safety and the residual cumulative impacts on the road network would not be severe.”