fire engine 2

Source: Getty images

An electric car caught fire at MFG’s Collier Row site in Romford on Friday June 7.

Video on The Havering Daily website shows the 71-plate black Jaguar with smoke billowing out of it, and firefighters working hard to get it under control.

The incident happened at 3pm on Friday. Three fire engines from Romford and Dagenham fire stations attended the scene and placed a 25-metre cordon around the car.

MFG declined to comment.

There have been stories circulating in the media for some time now about EVs catching fire, with Jaguars often cited.

In the US, Jaguar Land Rover has twice recalled the Jaguar I-Pace over fears about the battery packs catching fire.

The second recall was for 2019 models. According to, if Jaguar I-Paces of that year are charged to over 85%, smoke or fire may erupt from the high-voltage battery.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Audi has recalled certain e-tron GTs and RS GTs EVs over fire fears.