Tevva truck

A prototype hydrogen-electric truck has completed a 350-mile journey through England without a single stop for recharging, according the manufacturer Tevva.

The company’s primary focus is on building and delivering its battery-electric 7.5t vehicle, but it is also carrying out testing and development of hydrogen-electric vehicles.

As part of this it carried out a range test of a dual-energy prototype truck with it completing a journey of about 620 miles driving between its London HQ and the England/Scotland border at Berwick-on-Tweed and back.

The return journey saw the truck cover almost 350 miles without needing a single stop for recharging. This was made possible by the truck’s hydrogen fuel cell which tops up the range-extended (Rex) vehicle’s lithium battery when needed.

Lead engineer, Tevva Rex, Charlie Cordell said: “The trip was a terrific demonstration of the range you can achieve in a truck that uses a blended system of electric and hydrogen. The freezing conditions were extremely challenging, but helpful too, in allowing us to gather important data about vehicle performance, meaning we could make tweaks here and there and tailor its development.”

The truck stopped off for hydrogen refuelling at Element 2 in Teeside on the first leg of the journey, as well as an earlier stop in the Midlands.

Element 2 is currently building a national infrastructure of hydrogen refuelling sites. Its chief development officer Andrew Hagan said: “Providing the hydrogen for this significant journey is a proud moment. The superior range on this fuel cell vehicle is a comfort and reassurance for organisations ordering new vehicles and updating their fleets.

“We are building refuelling stations where they are needed most and removing diesel from our roads. This infrastructure will enable Tevva truck drivers to go the distance.”