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Oomph + Foresite is complementary to all Gulf Oomph dealers

MyAutomate, the owners of PetrolPrices, has signed an agreement with Allstar to continue the PriceViewer service for retailers to compare petrol and diesel prices in the UK.

Allstar took over the Experian Catalist service after it ended on March 31. Under the new arrangement myAutomate said it will be continuing the service with the same dataset that was previously available to retailers, in the same format - or it can also discuss ways the team can work with retailers to improve their offerings.

Andrew Watson managing director of myAutomate said: “We are very pleased we can continue this vital service for fuel retailers across the country. The Experian PriceViewer service was one many operators relied upon to make informed decisions about their stations. Having replicated the output and delivery methods retailers are used to, the myAutomate team have ensured no change for them.” 

FT Awards 2023 - Gulf - winner Oil co Initiative ASC_9119

FT Awards 2023 - Gulf wins Oil Company Initiative with Oomph + Foresite entry

As well as running the popular consumer fuel pricing app, PetrolPrices, the team at myAutomate works with Certas, and previously Experian, on the PricePro service for qualifying Gulf dealers, which won the Forecourt Trader Oil Company Initiative award in 2023.

Matt Willcocks, head of Retail Central: Pricing & Process for Certas, said: “With the availability of the Allstar fuel card data in place, Certas has decided to continue to feed PricePro with fuel card prices for all their dealer partners rather than the CMA information. Whilst this might be reviewed in the future, Certas wanted to prioritise the timeliness, range, and accuracy of the existing data source for such an important service until alternatives had proven their reliability.”

The team at myAutomate has many years of experience in the fuel industry. They have been running consumer-facing apps since 2020 and acquired PetrolPrices in 2021.

As a result of the agreement with Allstar, the PetrolPrices app and website ( claims to provide the most up-to-date data for consumers in the UK today.