Stafford - planning for EV-only site

A proposal for a new electric vehicle-only service station on the A34 near Stafford has been put forward to the Stafford Borough Council this week by George Developments Ltd, believed to be on behalf of Gridserve. 

The plan is for the creation of an EV charging hub comprising 31 charging bays equipped with solar panels and a substation, picnic areas and a drive-through restaurant, with associated access, car and cycle parking, and landscaping.

The application proposes the construction of a 438 sqm drive-through restaurant as part of the charging hub with an outdoor seating area available to the south of the building. The ground floor of the proposed drive-through will include a 190 sqm restaurant open to the public and 244 sqm back of house area for staff use with 32 associated parking spaces and 2 disabled parking spaces.

The proposal is described as essentially the equivalent of a petrol service station but for electric vehicles, but the developers claim the concept is more advanced and makes specific provisions for drivers who can use the wider facilities whilst waiting for their vehicles to charge.

Therefore, the proposal incorporates a two storey ‘hub’ building which makes provision for a retail space, plus café space, office, lounge area, fitness zone, children’s area; EV showcase spaces; and toilet facilities.

The canopies proposed are open on all sides and have a ‘T-shape’ design with PV panels integrated on top of them to integrate with the vehicle charging points below. The forecourt created outside the building will provide the following EV charging points/parking arrangement: 24 higher powered charging units (175 – 350kW), two of which are accessible spaces; three lower powered charging (22kW). Each unit serves two spaces so six spaces in total, one of which is an accessible space.

The site will also include three higher powered charging units (175 – 350kW) for future HGV use.

There will also be air and water pumps available, an area for deliveries and vehicle queuing. To the west of the site is a proposed picnic area and green space, providing a place for people to wait outdoors whilst their car is charging. To the east of the forecourt is an equipment and substation area, housing electricity equipment, transformers and the necessary ancillary infrastructure for the development. A separate area within this space provides for a bin and retail refuse storage. This area measuring a maximum of 9.6m wide x 98m deep will be screened by 3m high close boarded fencing. Hedges are proposed to be planted around this area to soften its appearance.

A separate Gridserve storage area is proposed to the south of this area. Immediately to the east of the equipment area is a swale maintenance zone which comprises of a swale and soft landscaping. A 1.2m high timber post and rail fence will be located around the entire site. Various LED lights across the site are proposed, including 6m high lighting columns, bollards and wall lights.


The applications claims there is a shortage of the provision of EV charging stations along the A34, and opportunity has been identified in this strategic location in the Borough to create an EV charging hub that that could sustain the need form the increasing number of EVs, with the provision of a drive-through restaurant and outdoor seating areas for commuters to rest.