MFG Castleford

An angry thug kicked a motorist in the head and stamped on him after an argument on an MFG/Esso forecourt in Castleford in West Yorkshire.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Joseph Foster opened his car door into the victim’s car at the Esso site on Willowbridge Lane, and then demanded that he move his vehicle.

The victim said he would move his car in a second but Foster lost his temper and walked up to the man and punched him in the face and body. While the victim was lying on the ground, Foster kicked him in the head then stamped on him.

Staff from the petrol station came out to help the victim, who suffered multiple fractures to his little finger, and bruising and swelling around his eyes.

The incident happened in December 2021 and it was not made clear why it had taken so long to come to court.

The Yorkshire Evening Post reported that Foster had 16 previous convictions and was currently in prison for robbery and is not eligible for parole until next year.

Foster was sentenced to 20 weeks in jail to be served consecutively to his existing robbery sentence.