The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) is this week sending constituency cards to all new MPs, detailing key information about the number of local shops in their area and the jobs that they create.

The 2015 General Election resulted in over 100 new MPs entering the Houses of Parliament, many of whom have been taking part in store visits with ACS members in the pre-election campaigning period.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Throughout the UK, local shops contribute over £37bn to the economy and provide flexible jobs for almost 400,000 people. It is essential that we talk to new MPs about the crucial role that local shops play in their constituencies, and we will continue to engage with them throughout the next parliament both in our core lobbying work and through the work of the All Party Parliamentary Small Shops Group.”

The constituency cards being sent to MPs are based on data from the ACS Local Shop Report, which brings together the most comprehensive research in the sector from William Reed, IGD, ONS and him! with over 2,200 interviews with independent retailers.

ACS is encouraging all independent retailers to get to know their local MP. For more information about arranging a store visit, contact Julie Byers on 01252 533008.