The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) is supporting a new pilot scheme to improve recycling rates of food and drink packaging on-the-go.

#LeedsByExample is a campaign launched by environmental behaviour change charity Hubbub and recycling compliance scheme Ecosurety.

The campaign aims to improve recycling rates on the street, in local offices, shopping centres, universities and transport hubs through a partnership of large businesses, new technology and engaging communications activities.

The scheme will be piloted in Leeds City Centre from September 2018, running in conjunction with Leeds City Council. Results from the trial will be shared with the aim of inspiring a national roll-out of the most successful elements.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Improving recycling rates and making responsible environmental choices are a top priority for convenience retailers, with stores already playing their part in reducing the amount of plastic bags handed out through a nationwide voluntary charging scheme.

“We are contributing time and money to the #LeedsByExample pilot, because we want to explore the most effective ways of tackling the waste generated by food-to-go packaging, coffee cups and plastic bottles.”

The food-to-go industry is worth £17.4bn a year and this is projected to increase to over £23bn by 2022. Recent research by ReCoup found that only 42% of local authorities provide on-the-go recycling facilities.