Higherland Service Station in Staffordshire is one of the latest to have made the move to Texaco, with the new addition bringing the total number of AK Fuel Limited Texaco-branded service stations to five.

Ajmal Dar, Director of AK Fuel Limited, said there were a number of reasons for the brand switch. “I’ve worked with Texaco for the past 10 years. People have trust in the brand and know they are getting quality fuel, plus there is the Star Rewards loyalty scheme that is popular with our customers. We also benefit from receiving reliable fuel deliveries from Valero’s North West terminal in Manchester.”

Dar also has a strong relationship with his Valero area manager, Paul Atherton. He commented, “Paul is really helpful – I’ve learnt a lot from him in the trade. We have a good relationship which is helpful for the business.”

Entrance into the fuel industry was by accident for Dar, who now has Texaco service stations in Lancashire, Stoke and Greater Manchester. In 2006, he sold his restaurant business and was, by chance, introduced by the purchaser of his restaurant to a service station owner who was looking for a new tenant. Despite no experience, Dar rose to the challenge and took the opportunity to move into the fuel industry, learning the trade as he went.

Looking back, he said, “It was a brave decision. If it had gone wrong I’m not sure I’d be here now – I put everything into paying for the lease.”

Since the brand change, Higherland Service Station has seen an increase in fuel volume and positive customer feedback.

Andrew Cox, Valero’s director sales and marketing said: “It’s a great testament to our business when existing customers bring additional sites to the Texaco brand. And it’s good to hear the rebrand has been successful for Higherland Service Station.”