The OFT has launched a consultation on proposals to improve competition in the supply of petrol and diesel to filling stations in the Western Isles of Scotland.

The OFT has been investigating a possible infringement of competition law in the islands, involving contractual arrangements for supply of road fuels by Certas Energy UK to filling stations on the islands.

The OFT’s consultation is on commitments proposed by Certas which are designed to address the OFT’s competition concerns.

In a statemement Certas Energy said: "Current Western Isles contractual arrangements are similar to those Certas has in the rest of the UK, and are commonplace in the industry.However, these new measures will ensure that every Western Isles retailer currently supplied by Certas Energy will be given a range of contractual options to engage with the company in the future. We will be working to ensure the proposals are implemented to this effect."