Gulf has launched a new heritage-inspired uniform range that will be rolled out across its 500-strong network from August.

Almost 12 months in the planning and design phase, according to Certas Energy the collection is both stylish and contemporary, not something usually associated with staff clothing.

“We believe it is the best uniform range in the industry in terms of style and quality,” said Certas Energy retail marketing manager Gerry Welsh.

“We wanted a collection that was modern and attractive while reflecting Gulf’s rich racing heritage. It was also important to provide our staff with clothing that was comfortable, practical and they could wear with pride. There is no merit in telling staff how important they are to the business and then asking them to wear cheap, ill-fitting garments.”

The Gulf Endurance collection has been produced in conjunction with Grand Prix Originals, whose global relationship with the Gulf brand extends across two decades.

“The feedback from the samples that we trialled was exceptional and we expect a strong uptake from Gulf dealers,” continued Welsh. “It’s another step towards improving the visual presentation of a forecourt and also positively differentiating Gulf from its competitors.

“We are now exploring ways that Gulf-branded merchandise can be made available to consumers through Gulf forecourts. Gulf clothing and accessories have always been highly sought after within the motor racing fraternity.

“If we can roll-out a select range of high quality products, we offer those dealers who actively endorse our uniform collection another potential revenue stream for their businesses.”