Gulf has secured four re-signs bringing total re-signs to Certas Energy in 2015 to about 60 sites.

The resigns are:

• Think One, Wokingham, Berkshire;

• Fromebridge Service Station, Whitminster, Gloucestershire;

• Wild Goose Garage, Dursley, Gloucestershire; and

• Woodlands Garage, Smallfield, Surrey.

The retention of these sites equates to a fuel volume of just over 11mlpa.

Ramsay MacDonald, retail director of Certas Energy, said: “We are delighted that so many customers have placed their business and their faith with us. We welcome them back and in return promise that we will do our very best to retain their trust. Choosing a brand can be an emotional prospect but individual business people must look at what is best for their business and if their supplier is focused on working with them to achieve that goal.

“We believe we can show demonstrable cash benefits by switching to us. As one example, our credit card package in terms of fees, speed of service and reliability is second to none, as we use our scale to get the best rates for our customers. Finally we have, through running our company owned sites, real experience on managing fuel brand changes and how to make this work.

“We use what we think is the best combination in the market place; HTEC Gempay hardware operated by card experts Suresite. This gives all dealers three game winning advantages: the first is fast transaction speed so you can serve customers quicker than competition; second is a highly reliable system, unlike many others we do not suffer from system outages as there are few things more frustrating that having to go cash only in this day and age; third and finally, but most importantly, as Suresite’s biggest customer we have the real leverage to make sure our deals have a competitive edge which all together with the BP and Shell cards as well as Key fuels adds up to an unbeatable package. Don’t take our word for it, put us to the test.”

As well as retaining dealer sites Gulf is attracting new ones and the total network is now approaching 500 sites.