The Co-operative has invested in a range of retail systems to better integrate the convenience and fuel sides of its forecourt business

Retail technology provider Torex was chosen to integrate ‘fuel’ functionality into the Co-operative’s InControl EPOS system following the Co-operative’s addition of 142 forecourt sites to its estate when it acquired the Somerfield business in 2009.

Firstly, Torex Fuel Wrapper, a new pump control software, wraps around the Co-operative’s InControl POS system to offer an accurate, auditable weights-and-measures pump control system. It ensures petroleum and convenience goods can be combined in one transaction, rather than having to process the two transactions separately, which was previously the case.

With the Torex Fuel Wrapper the Co-operative can now deliver the benefits of its own InControl POS solution for c-stores to its forecourts. A fuel customer’s experience will be a quicker service and an improved offer which will translate into improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The system also gives store managers overarching control of all petrol pumps to prevent petrol theft and misuse of the pumps and Torex developed a specific solution to feed transaction data in existing formats to head office.

Torex has also added Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) ability to the Co-operative’s proprietary POS, meaning the retailer can process fuel cards.

The EFTLink allows the Co-operative’s InControl POS to process oil company cards as well as fuel cards because the technology enables them to interface with all of the oil companies’ terminals. Finally, Torex SMS Reports offers a suite of fuel reports.

The Co-operative’s fuel programme manager Eivind Brown said: “Fuel forecourts add a new aspect to our business and it has been great to have an expert on board who we could rely on to help us get the most out of our forecourts.”